An Edge 100 Years in the Making

An Edge 100 Years in the Making

While preparing for the Holidays, we’ve received emails asking us just how we make our knives so sharp. Sharp Gourmet doesn’t rest on its laurels and we are constantly looking to make our products the best they can be. Fortunately, we’ve had 100 years to work on our technique.

Creating the Perfect Bevel:
Most knives you buy in a store won’t look like ours do, and there’s a reason for that. Retail knives are often fabricated with machinery and shipped to the store without having a thin bevel ground onto the knife. Your knife might be sharp when you first use it but that will quickly give way to struggling with a thick edge that needs professional maintenance.

Our hollow grinding process produces a thin bevel that allows our knives to slice effortlessly through even the toughest kitchen prep. We hand grind every knife that leaves our sharpening shop. It’s a bevel that only an experienced sharpener can create.

Old School Step 2:
Our second step is as original as it gets. We take to the old fashioned grinding wheel and run the very bottom of the knife (edge of the bevel) across both sides with equal pressure. This allows the two tiny edges we are creating to meet and prepares the knife for honing.

Fine Tuning our SG Edge:
After our bevel creates a thin edge to work with, we fine tune our edge in a process called honing. You can think of this as waxing is to washing your car. Sure, the car wash does a great job, but it’s not complete without the finishing touches. Our hones are preset to a 35 degree angle. You’ll often read of steeper angles on many knives but over the decades we’ve come to find that knives function best at 35 degrees and don’t chip as easily. Plus, with a beveled edge, you’ll be working with less drag – it all ads up to a crazy sharp knife that you’ll be happy to prep with every time you use it.

Diamond Finish:
We could stop at step three and let you use our cutlery, but we don’t. Before all knives are sent to our members, we finish them off with a step we call our diamond finish. Using a diamond dusted professional sharpening steel, we glide our knives across it 3-4 times and have them develop a “bite.” This finish allows the cutlery to have that “wow” factor that makes you smile with every slice.

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