Why Sharp Gourmet

Never Use a Dull Knife Again

Spending hundreds for knives that eventually go dull is senseless. When a company promises free sharpening, you’ll be without your knives for weeks! Even worse, having your knives sharpened wears them down. Over time, you’ll be back at square one and shopping for a new knife set.

Ditch your dull knives and let us send you professionally sharpened knives on a schedule that fits your cooking habits. You’ll always have that new knife feel and we’ll take the dull ones off your hands.

Knife Sets and Delivery Tailored For You

Whether you’re a master of the kitchen or just cooked your first meal, Sharp Gourmet offers exactly what you need. With a variety of knife sets and flexible sharpening schedule, receive a tailored membership and avoid a drawer full of strange shaped blades you’ll never use.

The Last Knife Set You’ll Ever Use

If you accidentally chip, bend, dent, or break (We think that’s everything you could do?) our knives, we’ll always replace them free of charge. We understand accidents happen!

Sharing Your Passion in the Kitchen

We not only have a passion for keen knives, but for fantastic food as well! We’re always on the lookout for fresh and innovative recipes and working with our friends in the food blogging world to bring you awesome ideas.

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