4 Reasons Your Kitchen Knives Stink

4 Reasons Your Kitchen Knives Stink

“The only way to keep a knife sharp is by not using it.” – Unknown


You Paid Too Much!

If your knife set costs the same as a luxury car payment, we hate to tell you, but you’ve been duped. Celebrity chef endorsements, fancy shaped blades, and rare elements you last saw on the periodic table only raise the price of some knife sets to eye-popping levels.

Consumers often bite hook, line and sinker on the old adage: “you get what you pay for.” While that might be true in some cases, it’s not the whole story. If you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on your last knife set but find them utterly dull, you may be asking yourself, “weren’t these supposed to last forever?”

KNIVES NEED MAINTENANCE. Until a knife that doesn’t become dull is invented, I’ll still have a job (*knock on wood*), which brings me to my next point…

 I’m Supposed to Sharpen Them?

SharpGourmet-112You have a brand new shiny knife set with cool logos, wrapped in a fancy box, and even a neat looking steel rod! What the heck does that thing do? You scour the internet for how-to videos and even ask friends if they might know how to use it. Ladies and Gents, allow me to introduce your sharpening steel, also known as the dust collector.

A sharpening steel is designed to maintain the sharpness of your knife, prolonging the edge until it needs professional maintenance. It’s a safe assumption that you’ll watch a YouTube video a dozen times and still not replicate the technique. While useful in a trained hand, the sharpening steel only does damage to knives when improperly used. It’s not your fault, but a backwards approach to buying cutlery that’s failing you.

Have 10,000 Free Hours?

We’ve been honing our craft since 1918 and according to the google machine, it takes 10,000 hours to master a a skill. I’m not quite sure how many hours we have under out belts but I do know we crossed the 10k mark when folks still wore fancy hats. The result? A  consistent, sharp, and quality edge that never dissapoints. Sharp Gourmet was founded on the very idea that sharpening is difficult. It requires a precision, experience, and considerable investment in the right tools. Unless you’re interested in rolling out your grindstone after work to practice, we see an easier way for your knives to stay sharp.

Razor Sharp and Reasonably Priced

By now, I’ve lost some folks because my thoughts don’t include pictures of cute fuzzy animals, or hilarious memes. If you’re still with me, I’d be willing to bet your knives are absolutely terrible (unless you were recently married, in which case Mazel Tov, and we’ll check in with you next year when your knives lose their edge). You most likely have a weekly thought run through your head – “gosh, these knives stink.” Inevitably, you struggle through making another meal and then toss the thought aside, thinking nothing can be done.Thai-Chopped-Salad-680-6

Subscribers in over 26 states have signed up for Sharp Gourmet and won’t ever cook another meal without our knives. The most common response I hear once a customer uses our knives is how “they didn’t know what they were missing.” So, stop tossing your dull knives back in the block after every meal and join Sharp Gourmet. We promise you’ll never struggle cutting an onion again – unless it makes you cry. I haven’t quite figured that part out yet.

The cutlery revolution is here. What are you waiting for?

Stay Sharp,

Dan is the Co-Founder of Sharp Gourmet. He is an unapologetic critic of dull knives, lover of great food, and looking to sharpen every kitchen in America.