Our History

Like many families in the early 1900’s, ours immigrated to America and began a new life. With a fresh start, our relatives relied on their steady hands and expertise in cutlery to further their version of the American Dream. Although we’ve come a long way from a foot pedal and simple stone, our desire for providing sharp cutlery to our customers still remains.

For decades, great food has been a centerpiece of the day for many an American. Here at Sharp Gourmet, we share that desire for great food and the enjoyable process of creating it. With our unique cutlery services we’re confident you’ll share a similar passion for a great unifier- a good meal.

We are proud to bring four generations of commercial sharpening expertise to your doorstep, and know that Sharp Gourmet will be a delightful addition to your kitchen.

Here to help you along the way – always.

Happy Prep,
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